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70th Annual Golden Globes

gg 2013

I'm not that serious about stuff, I'm mostly in this for the fashion, but behind the cut you'll have my picks for the categories that I care about, random commentary on the show, and my best and worst dressed commentary and pics.

Also: it's Tina and Amy so what's not to love?

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Best Animated Feature Film
Rise of the Guardians
winner: Brave

Best Original Score
Alexandre Desplat - Argo
winner: Mychael Danna - Life of Pi

Best Television Series - Drama
Boardwalk Empire
winner: Homeland (UGH)

Best Actress in a TV Drama
Michelle Dockery
winner: Claire Danes (HA)

Best Actor in a TV Drama
Steve Buscemi - Boardwalk Empire
winner: Damian Lewis (again, ugh)

Best Television Series - Comedy or Musical
Modern Family (aka anything but Girls)
winner: ...NO COMMENT

Best Actress in a TV Comedy or Musical
Amy Poehler - Parks and Rec

Best Mini-Series or Motion Picture for TV
Hatfields & McCoys
winner: Game Change

Best Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture for TV
Kevin Costner
winner: KEVIN!!!!!!!

Best Actress in TV
Archie Panjabi
winner: Maggie Smith (of course)
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