Kristen (i_luv_stanislav) wrote,

Our Love is Like a Weapon -> a Kat/Garrett in a zombie apocalypse fanmix

i had a dream last night that i told garrett i liked his name cos it was like 'garrotte'.
~ kat


o1. clairaudients (kill or be killed) | BRIGHT EYES o2. demons | SLEIGH BELLS  o3. under the gun | THE KILLERS  o4. spellwork (mndr nighttime remix) | AUSTRA  o5. dry bones | FATS WALLER  o6. my body's a zombie for you | DEAD MAN'S BONES  o7. wanting to kill | THE KNIFE  o8. teqkilla | M.I.A.  o9. kill for love | THE CHROMATICS  1o. a prayer | MADELEINE PEYROUX  11. under the sheets (baby monster remix) | ELLIE GOUDLING  12. bang bang | NANCY SINATRA


I can honestly say this is the most fun I've ever had making a mix. Props if you guess who ends up killing who and how!

Tags: fanmix, garret nickelsen, kat
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