Kristen (i_luv_stanislav) wrote,

Movin' on, movin' on

• I made a poetry blog. I still don't think anything I've written is that great, but a lot of people at Vassar seemed to like what I wrote while I was there so who knows. Maybe that's why I don't think I'm very good, though... There are maybe just one or two that I've written that I've actually been satisfied with, but it's more relaxing than most things I do, and it doesn't cost anything unlike my massive nail polish collection. I find that it does more to releave my stress than when I just write in general, but maybe it's because when I write I'm being too honest with myself, and when I write poetry it vocalizes the emotions rather than the words. Plus, it's easier to evoke a feeling rather than describe it.
• I've also realized how much I actually enjoy doing dishes and zoning out while I do them. It's something else that I find very relaxing, so that now when I'm home and stressed out I'll offer to do the dishes because it's just about the only time I won't be disturbed. If I can afford to get one, I don't think I ever will get a dishwasher unless in an amazing tunr of events, I pop out several children.
• I've started posting my Music Lists of 2012 over at my music blog. If you're interested, I'm currently posting my Top 10 Music Videos of 2012.
• My back is a bit more sore than usual today and I'm not really sure why. Normally it only gets that way if I've been hunched over writing papers or if I'm overly stressed and that isn't the case so I don't know what's up. Maybe it's just the weather. Further proof that I'm not-so-secretly 80, I think.
• I finished seaon one of Rome last night. My lady boner love for Titus Pullo/Ray Stevenson knows no bounds. Those damn baby blues and forearms and long legs good god. Stevenson is the epitome of a Silver Fox, am I right or am I right? Speaking of HBO programs, I'm not ready for the Boardwalk Empire finale tonight. Last week's episode was so good I'm sure tonight won't be able to compare, especially if they decide to kill someone major off but WHO KNOWS. After the box incident I'm not sure they can really fuck with my emotions any more. Molly and I are still hoping Teddy shanks someone with his hidden knife. Hopefully we'll also see what Van Alden is up to.
Tags: boardwalk empire, music, ray stevenson, rome
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