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Rec. Post #1 of 2013

So I've decided that instead of doing a scrapbook (since I keep most stuff updated on listography, mubi,, and goodreads) that I'll be doing a recommendation post every so often where I recommend some of my favorite music, tv, fanfic, recipes, etc. at the moment. And I welcome you to leave some recommendations of your own in the comments!

Being Human fanfic

So ever since seeing The Hobbit and my love for Aidan Turner being reunited, so was my obsession with Being Human. Of course, because I'm a masochist, this means I decided to look up some of the most painful fanfic post Mitchell's death. Okay and maybe I was reading some Mitchell smut too, but worse crimes have been committed. Anywho, I stubbled across atlas was permitted the opinion on ao3 and it has to be one of the most depressing depictions of George and Annie's loss and grieving I could imagine, but it's written beautifully and perfectly and as someone that isn't a huge fan of fanfic aside from the occasional bad smut, that's saying a lot. I warn you, you will be bawling by the end if you're a huge fan like me and Kater are. Here's one depressing excerpt: "George, George. Her last remaining boy. She'd had two, now she's just half of one." Check it out, weep over the fact that the ot3 of Annie x Mitchell x George is done, and then cry some more.


Thanks to tumblr, I came across the great group that is Bastille (actually I think I heard of them before when I was writing for Resonance, but I hadn't heard about this covers mixtape) and fell in love after hearing their cover of "No Scrubs" featuring Ella and some awesome soundbites from Hitchcock's classic Psycho. I think I prefer Pt. 2 to the original mixtape, but both are freaking awesome as the first features their great cover of "What Would You Do?" and "Requiem for Blue Jeans". Yes. Lana Del Rey. It's amazing. You can download Other People's Heartache Pt. 2 for free here. You can find less legit places to download pt. one but if you have no luck, let me know and we can figure something out.

The Address Book

As a faithful subscriber to Nylon magazine, I get their weekly and daily emails updates, and thanks to the lovely ladies there I found out about Sophie Calle's The Address Book. The Address Book came about in the 1980s when Calle found a (*gasp*) address book on the streets of Paris. Before returning the address book to its owner, Pierre D., she decided to copy every page in order to try and meet up with each of his contacts to find out more about the man. As you can imagine, many refused - she even contacted his brother who declined but said he found the idea interesting and "romantic." Unfortunately when Calle published her work serially in a newspaper, Pierre D. did not agree. Thus, Pierre D. asked her not to republish the work until after his death. Before last year, the work had only been published in English, but has now been translated to many other languages and is now far more easy to get ahold of. I think I may have enjoyed the concept moreso than the end result of Calle's research, but I still highly recommend it. It's a very quick read and it definitely left an impact on me.

So what about you? Have you listened to, watched, or read anything really interesting lately?
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